Explore our past projects to understand our approach to tackling complex challenges across different sectors. These case studies underscore our expertise in deploying innovative solutions and driving sustainable growth for our clients. They reflect our commitment to operational efficiency and exemplify how we navigate unique scenarios to deliver tangible results. 

Operational Readiness for the Meadowbrook Project

This case study centres on Talisman’s advisory role in Jellinbah’s Meadowbrook Project. Tasked with facilitating the project’s transition from an opencut to an underground operation, our two-phase approach aimed to extend its lifespan, supporting steel-making coal production for the next two decades. The phases consisted of a gap analysis to form an executable plan, and preparation to make the project ‘shovel ready.’

Comprehensive Review and Revamp of Safety and Health Management System (SHMS) for Anglo American

This case study highlights Talisman’s engagement with Anglo American in performing a review of Anglo American’s Safety and Health Management System (SHMS). The project involved examining over 7000 documents, aiming at legislative compliance and efficient risk management. Utilising its industry expertise, Talisman navigated the challenges of CMSHA non-compliance and substantial resource allocation. Outcomes included non-compliance elimination, waste reduction, and alignment of SHMS with relevant legislation. Still ongoing, the project promises to reduce operational risk at the Aquila Mine, demonstrating Talisman’s capacity to manage extensive, technically diverse projects.

QBE – ESG Audit and Assurance Project

QBE have made sustainability an integral part of their business practice or overall mission. QBE have partnered with Talisman to develop and execute a project to achieve this aspiration. With QBE’s focus covering four lines of business, QBE has decided to first adopt this ESG initiative within its People Risk line of business. The service is designed to assist QBE with ESG audit and assurance processes that will support their Clients meet their internal and external ESG strategic requirements. Additionally, the Service encompass assurance services and an ESG software solution that will support environmental management, social performance, including workplace, wellbeing, health & safety, liability reduction, claims management and injury prevention, as well as assessing and supporting the Client’s governance practices.

Operational Readiness and Project Development for the Curragh North Underground Project

This case study presents the Project Readiness Phase Project (Project) of delivery of the Curragh North Underground Project (CNUG Project) conducted by Talisman on behalf of Coronado Global Resources. The project entailed extensive planning and readiness phases, addressing challenges related to procurement timelines and environmental approvals amidst the Covid-19 pandemic and the Russian conflict.

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