The Team Membership Program is a transformative approach leveraging high-performance sporting principles to drive your teams towards a state of ownership, empowering your teams to define their identities and key success behaviours, fostering a powerful sense of ownership, connection, and team spirit.

The Philosophy

The program draws from the world of elite sports, adopting principles and philosophies that have been proven to foster high performance and deliver winning results. It motivates your teams to define their success parameters, nurturing a shared understanding of victory while fostering a robust sense of ownership, connection, and teamwork. It encourages teams to define what winning looks like for them, creating a shared understanding of success and fostering a strong sense of ownership, connection, and camaraderie. The program utilises a model of ‘Systems, Symbols and Behaviours’ to create sustainable change, empowering leaders to create a system for measuring victories, which is visible and comprehensible to all team members.

The Journey

The Team Membership Program begins with Site Discovery Days, instilling anticipation and excitement within your teams. This is followed by comprehensive planning and customisation of the course material in collaboration with your organisation. Each team member undertakes a DISC profiling, promoting self-awareness and enhancing team dynamics. The Team Membership program is delivered through face-to-face ‘Practice Sessions’, guided by specialist coach facilitators. These sessions empower your teams to define their winning outcomes, identify key success behaviours, and establish unique team identities. In between these sessions, site visits are scheduled to maintain a strong connection with the ground team and to facilitate the reinforcement of key messages. The entire program is underpinned by the High Reliability Organisational theory and a system of work that underscores strengthened relationships, open communication, and resilience. 

Mining worker huddled around Talisman team member
mining workers sitting with Talisman team members

The Legacy

The impact of the Team Membership Program extends far beyond the program itself, fostering a sustained commitment among team members to implement the winning strategy. The outcomes transform the team dynamics and improve productivity, reinforcing the values and behavioural changes within your organisation. Our program incites a positive shift in the culture and imparts an enhanced understanding of what winning looks like for your teams, thereby achieving a cycle of continuous improvement. This shared understanding empowers your teams to contribute to the winning vision of your organisation through their work. Ultimately, the program aims to inspire connection, ignite change, and perpetuate a cycle of continuous advancement, driving your teams towards their ‘Championship Future’.


At the heart of Talisman People is a desire to drive your teams towards their 'World Cup Winning' moment and create a legacy of shared success.