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Grounded in more than 20 years of elite sports coaching experience, The Talisman People System of Work will empower your teams to unlock their potential and redefine success. Guided by the principles of high-performance sporting culture, we use tailored approaches to instill a winning mindset that permeates all levels of your organisation.

Our unique System of Work bridges the gap between strategy and execution, bringing clarity to your business’s goals and setting a clear vision for its future. As part of this transformative journey, your team members are guided towards their career highlights, fostering an environment of engagement, ownership, and accountability.

Hosted at a high-performance sporting venue, the Championship Future Offsite provides a tailored planning and strategy platform, defining a clear path to success with key performance indicators.

frontline leaders program

The Frontline Leaders Development Program is a targeted training program that equips technical professionals in leadership positions with practical skills often overlooked.

Team Membership Program

The Match Winning Team Membership Program leverages the philosophies and principles of elite sports to develop high performance teams within organisations that achieve winning results.

Our Expertise:

Forging the heart of your business, people.

At Talisman, we harbour a burning desire to positively impact and shape the culture of teams. It’s ceaseless, boundless – it’s competitive hunger, care for industry, and drive to deliver value for our partners where others simply cannot. 

Talisman People want to assist team members in experiencing the absolute highlight of their careers. Talisman People use winning strategies from high-performance sport and apply this to leadership, and team membership, within organisations.

We believe people are the heart of winning performance.

Your Journey:

High Reliability Organisations

Industry proponents are on an endless journey to becoming a High Reliability Organisation (HRO) – to relentlessly seek out blind-spots and guard against drift to failure, be predictable, to become learning and re-learning organisations and destroy any blockage that inhibits the flow of information up and down, side to side in the business. The Talisman People system of work underpins and supports this journey beyond the curriculum by helping create a culture with strengthened relationships, open and transparent communication and reporting, understanding of the plan, resilience and symbolic cultural resonance.

Meet the people behind

Talisman People

Our Coach Facilitators and Profile Athletes

Not trainers or facilitators. You are welcome to refer to them as such but there is a big difference. Our unique approach is business wide. Building relationships and trust, developing understanding of what you consider a win, “working around the edges” to influence and improve and when necessary, being immediate and direct. All this is what an elite sports coach does daily.

Talisman People’s Coach Facilitators are specialist content experts in addition to being former elite athletes and coaches. Our Profile Athletes bring the programs to life with their unique experiences, perspectives, and skills, built over the years dedicated to being the best in their sport. These unique people bring mental toughness and presence to their roles. They understand the unique and true essence of what a coach does and take enormous pride in developing winning outcomes for the pure benefit of our clients. Our wins are measured by your wins, and we never take credit for the work you and your people have done. Our coaches think about your performance even when they are not with you. It is what all the best coaches in sport do and we bring this philosophy to our work with you.

What can we help you achieve?

Where will your career take you?