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Talisman Technical provides comprehensive solutions for the resources sector, including ESG and Sustainability Advisory, Operational Resourcing, Safety Management, and Mining Advisory. Our all in approach with clients helps us to understand their challenges and provide industry-leading solutions to help them achieve a sustainable future. We are committed to making a difference and helping our clients navigate the complex operating environment.

Our experience spans all levels of the resources sector. The Talisman Team have a detailed understanding of the rigors and responsibility of being entrusted with the management of your organisation by the full stakeholder continuum.

Talisman offers best-in-class mining advisory capability with practical and sustainable execution-based solutions for the industry.

Talisman provides a comprehensive offering from environmental and climate advisory through to risk management at the work face.

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Talisman delivers comprehensive decarbonisation solutions, steering mining businesses towards a sustainable, low-carbon future.

The Talisman Safety and Compliance Team identifies and implements the most effective approach for managing risk and improving safety controls.

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Talisman is proud to introduce its comprehensive training and certification services designed specifically to cater to the complex needs of coal mining operations.

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Talisman Technical brings peerless solutions to the resources sector in the form of an ESG and Sustainability Advisory, Technical Resourcing Solutions and Mining Advisory. Through deploying solutions underpinned by industry leaders, we work with our clients to assist them navigate their way through the challenges imposed by the contemporary operating environment, and into a sustainable future.

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