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Streamlined and simplified meetings of all type and levels.

Production and project-related businesses rely on various levels and types of meetings to manage operations and resources. The efficiency of the business is directly impacted by the effectiveness of how each meeting is conducted and how information, issues, actions and accountability is managed. Often, meetings are poorly managed which can result in a lack of structure and accountability, wasted time, money and resources, lost information, bad decisions, and an overall lack of organisational efficiency.


ProdMate® Meeting Manager streamlines and simplifies preparation for conducting and managing all levels and types of meetings, by providing a centralised location for all meeting activities and information, and driving outcomes and accountability throughout the business. This makes meetings more effective and productive and increases organisational efficiency.

Integral function

Meetings are an integral function in your business’ Management Operating System for communication control and accountability.


ProdMate Meeting Manager helps you maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of meetings to achieve the required outcomes.



Helps preparation for meetings by pre-populating relevant information, issues and outstanding actions to the agenda and distributes to the participants in advance.


Live capture

Live capture of meeting notes, issues raised and actions to be undertaken with assigned responsibilities, due dates and priorities.



Actions can be escalated or de-escalated to other meetings if required and statuses tracked.

Automatically distributed

Meeting minutes are automatically distributed to the participants’ dashboard and emailed.


All information, issues, actions, and accountability recorded in meetings is stored and traceable — chronologically and by category. An auditable trail then helps manage accountability and statutory compliance.


Expert system

All information is accessible during a meeting to aid effective and timely decision making and build an expert system based on previous experience.


Tracking action

Organisational efficiency can be measured and improved by tracking action completion rates, decision bottlenecks, duration and attendance of all meetings at various levels.


Saves time

It saves time as all your meetings, relevant information, issues and actions are assessable from your personal dashboard. Actions and responsibilities are displayed on the relevant person’s dashboard and reminders of due actions sent prior to the next meeting.

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