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Mining Advisory.

Talisman has assembled a first-class Advisory team offering cross-commodity, cross-jurisdiction experience to service all aspects of the resources sector. Our team is passionate, nimble and adaptable, ensuring that we are able to deliver on any requirement of our clients. Whether it be a enterprise level Advisory, through to operational support, we will be able to tailor a solution that meets our client’s needs, at any level of an organisation. Our team has hands-on experience; our knowledge has been built through getting our hands dirty, and learning every aspect of the value chain and asset lifecycle.

Through our experience as an operator, the Talisman team have a unique industry understanding, taking into consideration the challenges faced in the contemporary operating environment, and the rigors and ultimate fiduciary responsibility of being entrusted with the management of people’s careers, the environment, community expectations and shareholder funds.


Our site support mining engineering services are provided by experienced professionals supported by an industry leading management team. We have an experienced in-house team of technical consultants who can provide a comprehensive range of services for the review, design and implementation of surface mines. Specifically, these skillsets and resources include:

Extraction Optimisation

Our mining operations and technical teams thrive when given the opportunity to assess and implement optimisation programs to make a real difference to your project or operation.

Due Diligence and ITE

We are able to lead or provide input into all aspects of due diligence and ITE work for both buyers and vendors either as a member of your team or an independent expert. Our capabilities can be used for one section of the review, or we can provide services to cover the whole process.

Mine Design

Comprehensive mine design capabilities for short, medium, and long term projects. Specializing in mining method design, we evaluate first workings B & P, Longwall, Partial extraction, and Pillar extraction. Our expertise extends to creating pit shells, dig, and dump designs. We utilize industry-standard software like Deswik and Vulcan for precise, reliable outcomes.

Haulage Design and Analysis

Haulage modelling and scheduling, utilizing industry-standard software like Spry. We analyze the haulage network to understand existing constraints and opportunities. Furthermore, we conduct comprehensive evaluations to identify and implement haulage network improvements, maximizing efficiency and productivity.

Mine Infrastructure Engineering

We offer proficient mine infrastructure engineering services, covering all aspects from infrastructure to equipment engineering. Our expertise includes equipment design and selection, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency in mining operations.

Project Management

Our project management capabilities encompass risk evaluation, contractor selection, marketing, and logistics. We are adept at overseeing project execution, ensuring smooth operations and successful outcomes in line with your objectives.

Mine Management & Personnel

We conduct comprehensive mine management and personnel evaluation to streamline operations. Furthermore, we interface with other consultants and suppliers, facilitating seamless integration and ensuring coordinated efforts towards achieving mining objective

Data Analysis & Benchmarking

We provide thorough data analysis and benchmarking, leveraging our extensive in-house databases. Our technical analyses of mining technology ensure the optimal utilization of cutting-edge tools and processes, delivering industry-leading performance and productivity.

JORC Resources and Reserves Reports

We are able to compile and report on resources and reserves under the JORC code. We have a number of highly experienced competent people that are able to prepare JORC compliant reports.

Mine Scheduling

We excel in short, medium, and long-term mine scheduling, encompassing mining, dumping, rehabilitation, and final landform processes. Our team effectively manages coal processing and handling review, ensuring optimal stockpile utilization. Utilizing industry-standard software such as XPAC, Deswik, and Spry, we deliver precise and effective mine scheduling solutions.

Ventilation & Gas Management

Ventilation design, gas management, and spontaneous combustion control, ensuring safe mining conditions. Our expertise extends to strata control and efficient water management, promoting sustainable and responsible mining practices.


We provide robust mining engineering support across all study phases. This includes concept, pre-feasibility, and bankable feasibility studies. Our comprehensive service range extends to financial evaluation, as well as productivity simulation and estimation, providing a solid foundation for informed decision-making and strategic planning.

Environment, Health & Safety

Provision of specialist environmental, safety and compliance services to support existing operations, new project development, changes in operations, legal and regulatory compliance as well as site-based coverage for environmental, safety, health and compliance roles.

Cost and Financial Analysis

We specialize in precise mine capital and operating cost estimation, along with robust financial modelling, supporting strategic financial planning.

Asset Review and Asset Evaluations

We are able to provide asset evaluations and reviews using methods tailored to your needs and desired outcomes.


We are able to review and implement geotechnical findings into your project. We also work with industry leading partners to develop the required geotechnical models and recommendations that are often a critical input into your project.

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How Can Talisman Assist?

Our vision is to partner with asset owners and investors to deliver incredible results. Results that are meaningful, sustainable and cognisant of the ever-evolving operating environment. We deliver value to the full stakeholder chain – not out of obligation; rather, out of an understanding that this is great business.

We have a unique industry understanding of what the client needs, the challenges in the contemporary operating environment and the rigors and ultimate fiduciary responsibility of being entrusted with management of investor funds. We have not only walked a mile in our client’s shoes, we have run a marathon – and won.

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