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Environmental, Social & Governance

in the resource sector.

The resources sector operates within a dynamic and high-risk environment which demands an ESG strategy with a broader focus than simply environmental management. Contemporary ESG strategies need to go beyond legal compliance and provide a holistic approach that is “right size” for each organisation and considers the social, governance, health, safety and risk management aspects of the business across the full value chain and stakeholder continuum. Through audit and assurance elements, business’ have the ability to continuously test their strategy, ensuring the system continues to evolve to address the dynamic nature of the operating environment.


The Talisman ESG Team will support your organisation in the identification, development and deployment of your ESG strategy. Whether it’s working with you to develop your full ESG strategy or assisting you with strategy implementation and execution, Talisman will collaborate with you to deliver superior outcomes. Our integrated service offerings incorporate environment, health and safety, compliance, systems, frameworks, risk and governance processes that underpin organisational performance.

ESG Frameworks And Strategies

Development And Implementation Of ESG Frameworks, Policies, Standards, Reporting Metrics And Related Management Systems In Response To Global Trends And Socio-environmental Impacts.

Specialist Environment & Safety Services

Provision Of Specialist Environmental, Safety And Compliance Services To Support Existing Operations, New Project Development, Changes In Operations, Legal And Regulatory Compliance As Well As Site-based Coverage For Environmental, Safety, Health And Compliance Roles

Risk Management Frameworks

The Development Of Risk Management Frameworks, Facilitation Of Integrated Operational Risk Management And The Implementation Of Critical Control Systems.

Finance, Insurance And Market Advisory

Finance And Insurance Market Advisory Pertaining To ESG Requirements And The Demonstration Of ESG Credentials.

Safety And Health Management Systems

The Development, Implementation And Review Of Safety And Health Management Systems For Corporate And Operational Sites Across All Stages Of The Mining Life Cycle.


We Work With Clients To Transform Their Business For A New Decarbonised Era. We Help Our Clients Leverage The Data And Systems They Currently Have, Develop Solutions To Streamline Workflows, Optimise Asset Performance, And Automate Reporting Requirements.

Governance And Assurance

The Development, Implementation And Facilitation Of Corporate And Site-based Governance, Auditing And Integrated Assurance Programs To Support Effective Implementation Of ESG Strategies And To Assist In Delivering On ESG Membership Requirements, Commitments And Obligations.

Environmental Approvals

Environmental Approvals To Support New Mining Tenure, Greenfield Operations, Brownfield Expansions Or Operational Changes.

Environmental, Social & Governance

How Can Talisman Assist?

At Talisman, we are passionate about generating positive outcomes for your organisation. We are more than advisors, we’re partners working shoulder-to-shoulder with you in the identification, development and deployment of practical, real world ESG solutions that will ensure your organisation becomes a leader in your sector. Together, we will change the face of ESG engagement and stewardship in the mining industry.

Our vision is to partner with asset owners and investors to deliver incredible results. Results that are meaningful, sustainable and cognisant of the ever-evolving operating environment. We deliver value to the full stakeholder chain – not out of obligation; rather, out of an understanding that this is great business.

We have a unique industry understanding of what the client needs, the challenges in the contemporary operating environment and the rigors and ultimate fiduciary responsibility of being entrusted with management of investor funds. We have not only walked a mile in our client’s shoes, we have run a marathon – and won.

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Environmental, Social & Governance

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