Comprehensive Review and Revamp of Safety and Health Management System (SHMS) for a Multi-National Tier 1 Project

This case study highlights Talisman’s engagement with a multi-national Tier 1 project in performing a review of its Safety and Health Management System (SHMS). The project involved examining over 7000 documents, aiming at legislative compliance and efficient risk management. Utilising its industry expertise, Talisman navigated the challenges of CMSHA non-compliance and substantial resource allocation. Outcomes included non-compliance elimination, waste reduction, and alignment of SHMS with relevant legislation. Still ongoing, the project promises to reduce operational risk at the Aquila Mine, demonstrating Talisman’s capacity to manage extensive, technically diverse projects.


Our client identified a critical need for a meticulous review of its Safety and Health Management System (SHMS). The goal was to ensure their operational risk was within acceptable parameters, a central operational necessity in mining activities. The scale of the project was extensive, necessitating a thorough review of over 7000 documents. In response to this considerable task, the project engaged Talisman, distinguished for its expertise in providing solutions including Safety & Critical Control Management. The primary objectives of this project were to secure legislative compliance and manage their operational risks effectively. Challenges emerged in the form of non-compliance with the CMSHA, and the significant resources needed to examine the considerable number of documents. Addressing these issues aligned with Talisman’s mission of enabling businesses to achieve their goals, utilising their extensive mining industry experience to guide the project towards regulatory compliance. The project’s initiation was supported by Talisman’s substantial industry knowledge and experience. As expected, the project had to accommodate the influence of external factors such as the Coal Mining Safety and Health legislation and the RSQH regulator, which outlined the requirements for this endeavour.


The project began with a thorough consultation with the client and internal Talisman stakeholders. A high level of planning and scheduling was pivotal in outlining the extensive review of approximately 7000 documents. As part of the methodology, the coal mining legislation constituted the groundwork for the essential work requirements. Furthermore, alignment with ISO standards and processes, coupled with comprehensive risk facilitation, were critical components of the project strategy. Key stakeholders involved in the project spanned from Talisman’s safety, health, and compliance teams to the statutory leaders of the mine. Engagement was sustained through ongoing communication and collaboration. The diverse background of the Talisman team assured alignment with regulatory frameworks, company objectives, and required strategies. During the execution phase, meticulous planning and accurate tracking of goals and objectives were crucial for managing this large-scale project. When the project advanced ahead of schedule, the client requested concurrent facilitation, effectively doubling the weekly work requirements. Talisman adapted smoothly to this change, increasing the available documentation as needed. A dedicated Talisman project manager and regular stakeholder meetings ensured that the project remained aligned with the client’s expectations.


The project achieved significant outcomes such as the elimination of non-compliances within the mine’s SHMS, reduction of waste, and alignment of the SHMS with the CMSHR and other relevant legislation and standards. Although the project is still ongoing, it is projected that upon completion, it will contribute to the reduction of risk within the Mine. The wide scope and scale of this project are expected to have a net positive effect on other aspects of the company’s operations. The project’s experience highlighted the importance of detailed planning, not only in relation to personnel but also logistics and resources, for the success of large-scale projects. Upon completion, this project will underscore Talisman’s capability to engage and successfully manage large-scale, technically diverse portfolios.

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