Your Championship Future is a transformative event meticulously designed to propel your team towards unparalleled performance, growth, and resilience. By fostering alignment, ownership, commitment, and accountability, we define a winning path for your leadership team. Drawing on high-performance sport principles, we aim to break barriers, stimulate collaboration, and instil a winning spirit in your team.

The Philosophy

Your Championship Future is an innovative approach that sets your team on a transformative journey towards exceptional performance. We aim to revitalise your existing values through tangible behaviours and foster collaboration across different operation areas. The program’s focus is on breaking down silos, setting a clear path for the future, and aiding individuals in appreciating the strengths of their teammates using DISC profiling. The experience is centred around a high-performance sporting venue, offering an immersive and collaborative environment that runs 1 to 3 days.

The Journey

Your Championship Future is an immersive event carefully designed to ignite growth. Taking place at a deliberately selected high-performance sporting venue, it creates an atmosphere that echoes team spirit and the passion to win. The event is helmed by our team of elite coach facilitators, comprised of former world-class sporting players and Olympic athletes. Leveraging their years of experience in the upper echelons of sport, they guide your teams to unlock their potential, nurturing a culture of excellence and a high-performance mindset. The day is packed with engaging panel discussions, actionable insights, team-building activities, and learnings from leading sporting professionals – all tailored to define and realise the meaning of winning for your team.

Championship Future Offsite - Client walking through the sports team training room
client sitting discussing during Championship Future Offsite

The Legacy

The impact of your Championship Future continues far beyond the event itself. We foster a sustained commitment and alignment among team members to implement the winning strategy, infusing the program’s essence into your team’s culture and influencing future workforce engagement. The outcomes of the event will be communicated via a custom strategy that resonates with all stakeholders, ensuring the longevity of the lessons learned. Through this immersive journey, the Championship Future aims to inspire connection, incite change, and spark a cycle of continuous improvement.


At the heart of Talisman People is a desire to drive your teams towards their 'World Cup Winning' moment and create a legacy of shared success.