The Frontline Leaders Program is a meticulously structured training initiative, designed to impart technical professionals in leadership roles with vital practical skills. Often, these practical aspects may be overshadowed by technical prowess, but our program seeks to bridge this gap. Our aim is to supplement the leadership toolset of your team with personal and team development tools, thereby strengthening their capacities beyond technical capabilities.

The Philosophy

The purpose of the Frontline Leaders Program is to augment the leadership abilities of your team through the use of DISC360 evaluations, leadership effectiveness resources, and direct observer feedback. The intention is to establish a numerical baseline, providing a tangible platform to foster the growth of leaders against central leadership competencies.

The Journey

Our program takes a systematic approach, beginning with comprehensive DISC360 reviews that allow for the creation of Personal Improvement Plans tailored to individual needs and potential growth areas. The program progresses with a series of interactive group sessions that foster accountability, collaboration, and peer learning. Leaders are assigned Leadership Projects that align with your Match Winning Equation, promoting strategic thinking and hands-on learning. A formal mentorship component is integrated, empowering leaders to pass on their knowledge, cultivating the future leaders within your organisation. The program concludes with participants showcasing their growth and outcomes to the senior leadership team. Regular check-ins and catch-up sessions ensure alignment and continual support throughout the program.

Talisman People team members present to room of mine workers
Bo Hanson presenting to room of mine workers

The Legacy

The impact of the Frontline Leaders Program extends beyond the confines of the program duration. By the end, leaders will have significantly improved their leadership skills and competencies, having developed Personal Improvement Plans and undertaken Leadership Projects. Moreover, they will have engaged in meaningful mentorship, empowering others within the organisation. The program aspires not only to strengthen the frontline leaders but also to foster a leadership pipeline from within, fortifying the bond between frontline leaders and the SLT. The program ultimately contributes to the effectiveness and success of your organisation, providing a sustainable and robust leadership platform that will drive your team towards the future.


At the heart of Talisman People is a desire to drive your teams towards their 'World Cup Winning' moment and create a legacy of shared success.