We are mining service providers, asset transformation specialists, asset managers and asset partners for the mining industry.

About Talisman

Talisman is a targeted, complimentary mining services business consolidating the best in breed offerings to support the mining industry. The cornerstone service offerings have been deliberately targeted to address the key pillars of challenge confronting the industry.

Talisman Architecture

Talisman service offerings can be deployed individually at multiple operations or they can unite to become the heartbeat of your team in full asset transformation & mine operations.


Our Vision

Our vision is to partner with asset owners and investors to deliver incredible results. Results that are meaningful, sustainable and cognisant of the ever-evolving operating environment. We deliver value to the full stakeholder chain – not out of obligation; rather, out of an understanding that this is great business.

Not Just A Name - A Promise

The rivalry between the New Zealand All Blacks and the Australian Wallabies in international rugby is the stuff of enduring pride and passion between the two nations spanning decades. The enmity in a sporting sense is palpable. The impact on the national psyche of a win or loss in the Bledisloe Cup is tangible. It is more than a sport.

Why Talisman?

We have a unique industry understanding of what the client needs, the challenges in the contemporary operating environment and the rigors and ultimate fiduciary responsibility of being entrusted with management of investor funds. We have not only walked a mile in our client’s shoes, we have run a marathon – and won.

Why Now?

Talisman believes there is a confluence of once in a generation challenges bearing down on the mining sector at present; challenges that are likely to be amplified over the ensuing years. Talisman are uniquely experienced, deeply connected and positioned to translate these challenges to opportunity – for Talisman and its clients alike.

Our Talisman Team

Meet the beating heart of Talisman

Executive Management:

Non-executives – providing governance and strategic direction:

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