From industry, for industry

Talisman is a people focused business that specialise in tailored services for the resources sector.

From industry, for industry.

Talisman is a people focused business that specialise in tailored services for the resources sector.

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Talisman Technical provides comprehensive solutions for the resources sector, including ESG and Sustainability Advisory, Operational Resourcing, Safety Management, and Mining Advisory.

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Leveraging the elite sporting philosophies, Talisman People enhances team potential with three bespoke programs including Championship Future, Frontline Leaders, and Team Membership.


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Talisman Digital Specialise in big data analysis and digital production management. Our Prodmate platform offers real-time tracking and agile planning for improved production.


Our Expertise:

Industry-Focused Solutions

Talisman is a targeted, complimentary mining services business consolidating customised offerings to support the mining industry. The cornerstone service offerings have been deliberately targeted to address the key pillars of challenge confronting the industry.

Our vision is to partner with organisations in the resource sector to assist them in delivering incredible results. Results that are meaningful, sustainable and cognisant of the ever-evolving operating environment. We deliver value to the full stakeholder chain – not out of obligation; rather, out of an understanding that this is great business.

Our Story

Why Talisman:

Delivering Unparalleled Success

Talisman has a unique industry understanding of your needs, the challenges in the contemporary operating environment and the rigors and ultimate fiduciary responsibility of being entrusted with management of investor funds. We have not only walked a mile in our client’s shoes, we have run a marathon. 

Talisman believes there is a confluence of once in a generation challenges bearing down on the mining sector at present; challenges that are likely to be amplified over the ensuing years. Talisman is uniquely experienced, deeply connected and positioned to translate these challenges to opportunity.

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Advancing Underground & Open-Cut Operations

Talisman Technical’s Mining Advisory delivers tailored solutions for open-cut and underground operations, focusing on optimised design, compliance, and risk management.

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Your Partner in Mine Safety and Compliance

Talisman Technical provides expert HSE solutions, ensuring mining industry compliance, risk mitigation, and sustainable operations across the mining lifecycle.

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Shaping Sustainable Resource Stewardship

Offering comprehensive Environment, Social, & Governance strategies, we shape sustainable stewardship across the resource sector for holistic, dynamic, and risk-aware business operations.

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Guiding your business towards net zero emissions

We provide comprehensive decarbonisation services, aiding businesses in their transition towards net zero emissions. Leveraging data and innovative solutions, we help clients optimise asset performance, automate reporting, and achieve sustainable growth.

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Empowering Winning Culture In Organisations

Talisman People empowers organisations through three transformative programs: the Championship Future Offsite sets the winning direction, the Frontline Leaders Program develops practical skills, and Team Membership Program fosters collective ownership.

A Fully Integrated Production Managment Solution

ProdMate® is an integrated and scalable, digital, paperless, production management system which simplifies management of production and projects to increase productivity and improve efficiency.

The Talisman Impact:

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