A fully integrated & scalable solution:

The ProdMate System

ProdMate® is an integrated and scalable digital, paperless, production management system which simplifies management of production and projects to increase productivity and improve efficiency.

Improve productivity, safety and profitability with our innovative and powerful production management software. PRODMATE is a complete solution for planning, executing, real time reporting, tracking and analysing production processes and seamlessly integrating information into your operational meetings. Enabling more informed agile production management.

Two people looking at Planning Board funvtion of ProdMate

A user friendly, configurable and versatile digital planning system. Accurately production KPIs based on digital twin modelling. Makes planning quicker, easier and more effective.

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Our Process KPI Module generates accurate and repeatable interpretation of production processes and productivity KPIs.

Auto download of digital shift plan and KPIs. Real time digital reporting of manual inputs for production (with Short Interval Control), downtimes, tasks, works orders, Checks and Supplies.

Streamline and simplifies preparation for, conducting and managing all levels of meetings. Information auto linked to issue register and action and responsibility tracking.

Our Expertise:

Production Management Software

Optimising production and ROI from your mine or project requires a fully integrated plan of action, production targets, communication, process KPI measurement and accurate, real-time reporting, controlled through an efficient MOS meeting structure, to manage accountability and motivate people.

Traditional manual and non-integrated systems on the market, have significant limitations, are labor intensive, rely on paper documentation, are inaccurate and information is invariably not available on time.

ProdMate® is an integrated and scalable, digital, paperless, production management system which simplifies management of production and projects to increase productivity and improve efficiency. ProdMate® has world leading data analytics and software design for real-time, process-based management to achieve increased productivity, reduced costs and sustainable, continuous improvement.

Transforming Operations Across Industry

Industry proven functionality and world leading Analytics

Based on over 30 years of industry experience and application PRODMATE has powerful world leading data analytics combined with reliable and practical functionality to help transform your companies production or project management by harnessing digital information to become a more effective, productive and connected organisation.

Combining digital planning based on a digital twin of the production process combined with real time mobile device reporting and real time machine data analytics improves planning, execution and optimisation of production. PRODMATE simplifies the planning of production operations and closes the loop between planned and actual process KPIs to help focus on issue resolution and production improvement.

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