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Accurate and repeatable interpretation of production KPIs.

Manual reporting of production and delays is often inaccurate and subjective. Process recording of time usage and process rate is dependent on diligence and subject to significant inaccuracy. Without accurate measurement, managing process improvement is limited.

Process-based production management using digital machine data to generate accurate and repeatable process KPI information provides a proven opportunity to optimise productivity.


Based on Talisman’s world leading data analytics, ProdMate® Process KPI Module generates accurate and repeatable interpretation of production processes and productivity KPIs which can be used to optimise efficiency and increase productivity.

Productivity analysis

Productivity analysis is based on evaluation of time utilisation and process rate KPIs.

Performance measurement

Process KPIs can be referenced to operators, crews, location, equipment, conditions and operating practices to identify quick productivity wins and sustain improvements.

Cycle Time

Target time, rate and related process cycle KPIs are defined in ProdMate and used to determine the planned production for each shift and period based on defined conditions.

Planning and control

ProdMate then evaluates and reports the process parameters for the actual production vs planned production. This helps to rapidly identify improvement opportunities.

Issue and Action Accountability

Issues and Opportunities can be raised at the correct level of meeting and accountability for any required actions managed via the Prodmate Issue/Action Tracker

Performance management

ProdMate has both standard and customisable reports designed to clearly and quickly identify opportunities to improve and manage productivity.


Manual data entry

ProdMate KPI information seamlessly integrates with Manual data entry from ProdNote Digital Reporting Module and ProdMate Planning Module.


Actual KPIs are then comparable to target KPIs.


In built analytical tools allow operators and supervisors to compare best practice and benchmark performance and process consistency.


Time value

Production, productivity and downtime information automatically interfaces to ProdMate Meeting Manager so appropriate information is  uploaded to the relevant meeting agendas and minutes. Saving time, money and helping focus on value adding opportunities

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