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in the ESG era.

The relationships between companies and their stakeholders beyond shareholders – including employees, consumers, suppliers, governments, and the environment have never been more complex or critical to understand.
Business insight surveys seeking to identify the areas of ESG risk which are likely to have the most material impact on a business over next 12 to 18 months inevitably list greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions amongst the top risks. Ambitious climate and energy targets are also being set at the State and Federal levels, including the recent strengthening of Australia’s 2050 net zero interim target of cutting emissions by 43% by 2030.

The Environment pillar of ESG encompasses elements such as climate change adaptation, GHG emissions reduction, and natural resource management. To limit rising global temperatures and reduce anthropogenic CO2 emissions as quickly as possible, the world is expressly committed to the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement to achieve net zero by 2050. While there is much focus on climate change and decarbonisation, you may be asking how do you develop a practical pathway to reducing emissions, what do you prioritise, and how do you go about it?


At Talisman, we are passionate about generating positive outcomes for your organisation. We are more than advisors, we’re partners working shoulder-to-shoulder with you in the identification, development and deployment of practical, real world ESG solutions that will ensure your organisation becomes a leader in your sector. Together, we will change the face of ESG engagement and stewardship in the resources industry.

Baseline Assessments

Emissions mapping to identify key energy consuming process steps, to benchmark energy consumption, and emissions abated and generated against peers within the industry.

Implementation Planning

Project management teams can provide procurement and installation of technical solutions, along with change management, environmental, health and safety support and procedures.

Non-technical Risk Assessments

The NTR assessment takes the material risks to the organisation and provides a quantitative value for the unabated risk. This is a done using a combination of materiality assessments, scaled impact definitions, real valuations of assets, and expert elicitation, incorporating four dimensions of the risk: likelihood, impact, speed and interconnection.

Strategy Development

Corporate decarbonisation and ESG strategy development, incorporating industry benchmarking, relevant policy regulation and compliance, and alignment with operational realities.

Decarbonisation Pathway Planning

Developing practical roadmaps for operations and studies to reduce emissions, prioritising abatement opportunities using financial modelling to support the business case for change.


The development and implementation of electrification options incorporating a holistic approach to integration and change management.

ESG Assurance & Auditing

The development, implementation and facilitation of corporate and site-based governance, auditing and assurance programs to ensure effective implementation of esg related strategies, including decarbonisation strategies. Bespoke auditing and assurance software capabilities.


How Can Talisman Assist?

We work with clients to transform their business for a new decarbonised era. As companies strive to meet stakeholder and market expectations for decarbonisation, Talisman provides technical advisory and implementation services. We help our clients leverage the data and systems they currently have, develop solutions to streamline workflows, optimise asset performance, and automate reporting requirements.

Talisman has a multi-disciplinary capability to provide an end to end offering. With a wealth of experience across mining, engineering, processes, risk and assurance, and sustainability, we are uniquely placed to support your business on their decarbonisation journey.

The transition to net zero will require change in most sectors of the economy, but it will also present new opportunities which Australia is well placed to grasp.

As ESG practices continue to evolve and mature, Talisman will be there to guide our clients and deliver cutting-edge solutions that are effective now and into the future.

Meet our experts behind


Ivan brings deep functional expertise across safety and ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) in large, complex organisations. He has 20 years’ experience in the resources and aerospace sector where he has held senior, business wide roles in some of the world’s leading organisations. Ivan has experience across the management systems cycle to drive development, implementation, governance, and continual improvement of business processes across the ESG portfolio. Ivan has a proven track record in delivering excellence in safety and sustainability performance and assurance through his collaborative and risk focused approach. Ivan holds Bachelor qualifications in health and safety and Masters in sustainability studies.

Ivan Budd

Head of ESG Advisory

Steph is an experienced decarbonisation and policy specialist with proven abilities in providing strategic and technical expertise. She is currently the General Manager of Decarbonisation at Talisman, focusing on strategic and technical solutions for mining industry. Steph is pursuing a PhD in climate and energy policy, wherein she is developing a comprehensive roadmap for achieving a reliable net-zero future in the Australian National Electricity Market. Throughout her professional journey, she has consistently focused on developing decarbonisation projects, providing advice on climate and energy policy, and setting corporate decarbonisation strategy. She has worked for KPMG, Rio Tinto, Gamma Energy Technology and Palaris.

Steph Byrom

General Manager Decarbonisation

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