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Talisman is a people-focused company that specialises in providing tailored services for the resources sector. Our focus is on helping our clients maximise the value of their assets by optimising their people, systems, and culture while prioritising sustainability and environmental responsibility. Talisman offers three core service offerings: Talisman Technical, Talisman People, and Talisman Digital.

We aim to help our clients navigate challenges and seize opportunities while fostering sustainability, responsible social well-being, and long-term value creation. We provide tailored solutions in three key areas: technical advisory, people development, and digital technology implementation, all with a focus on maximising the potential of our clients’ assets in a complex operating environment.

Our Match-Winning Qualities

match winning qualities

Our Name

The rivalry between the New Zealand All Blacks and the Australian Wallabies in international rugby is the stuff of enduring pride and passion between the two nations spanning decades.

During his time as captain of the Australian Wallabies, Nathan Sharpe knew only too well the demands of high-performance team membership and leadership, and the meaningful impact it has on the outcome or result of the game.

The Wallabies knew, if you took the opposition’s Talisman down, the balance of the team would fall apart.

As the All Blacks became increasingly formidable in the 2000’s – in what is now legendary status in the annuls of international sporting folk law and the subject of numerous team leadership case studies – the question emerged through their performances: what if a team is made up of more than one talismanic leader? The answer is obvious, the team becomes elite just as the All Blacks were.

Talisman is anchored on this key premise – the development of a team of Talisman. Not just a single key player, rather a team of key players all capable of leading, inspiring and enhancing the performance of the team.

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Talisman Technical focuses on providing comprehensive solutions for the resources sector, including ESG and Sustainability Advisory, Operational Resourcing Solutions, Safety & Critical Control Management, and Mining Advisory. Our approach involves understanding the challenges faced by their clients and offering industry-leading solutions to support their journey towards a sustainable future.

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Grounded in over 20 years of elite sports coaching experience, Talisman People empowers clients to unlock the full potential of their teams. We deliver tailored programs that optimise individual and team performance, foster a culture of continuous improvement, promote social well-being, and value diversity. The core programs offered by Talisman People are Championship Future, Frontline Leaders Program, and Team Membership.

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At the forefront of big data technology development, Talisman Digital delivers practical, agile, and adaptable production management systems that analyse both digitally and manually-entered data. Our Prodmate platform is designed to increase productivity and profitability while providing real-time data tracking, reporting, and planning capabilities.

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