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Training & Certification

for Risk Management in Coal Mining Operations

Talisman is proud to introduce its comprehensive training and certification services designed specifically to cater to the complex needs of coal mining operations. With our extensive experience in Australian and international coal mine operations, we strive to ensure the best practices in Risk Management, Safety, and Health Management Systems, ICAM, and RCA.

Why Talisman?

  • Experience and Expertise: Draw from Talisman’s vast knowledge in the formulation of Safety and Health Management systems, Risk assessments, Incident Cause Analysis Method (ICAM), and Root Cause Analysis (RCA).

  • Australian Accreditation: Training offered in collaboration with a nationally recognised Australian-based Registered Training Organisation, with years of experience in training large mining corporations. 


Establish and Maintain the Risk Management System

This training is focused on establishing risk management systems in the resources and infrastructure industries.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Deliver complex risk management information effectively.
  • Mentor and coach supervisors on risk management.
  • Audit risk management processes.
  • Recognize and reward risk management efforts.


On satisfactory completion, the trainee will be awarded a nationally recognised Australian qualification RIIRIS601E: Establish and Maintain the Risk Management System.


Lead Initial Response to and Investigate WHS Incidents.

Focused on ICAM & RCA, this training empowers trainees to effectively address incidents in coal mines.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Quick initial response to incidents.
  • Understand Root Cause Analysis (RCA) causation models.
  • Employ the 5 ‘Whys’, Incident trees, and Timeline methodologies.
  • Use the PEEPO Data Collection chart.
  • Execute ICAM Analysis and Report Preparation.


On satisfactory completion, trainees will be awarded a nationally recognised Australian qualification BSBWHS515 Lead Initial Response to and Investigate WHS Incidents.

How the Talisman Training Process Works:

  • Tailored Content: Our modules are uniquely designed to resonate with professionals working in the coal industry, ensuring job readiness and better content retention.

  • Online Resources: Trainees will gain access to our comprehensive online learning management system, continually updated with the latest information.

  • Full-Time Trainer Support: Our trainees are never alone; our expert trainers are always on hand to offer guidance and support throughout the course.

Note: Talisman’s training programs are rigorous and maintain a high standard. Unsatisfactory assessment submissions will not receive qualifications, and no revaluations or reassessments are permitted.

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