The Talisman People Journey

The foundation of the Talisman People system of work is based on the performance system built and delivered by Bo Hanson and Athlete Assessments over the last 20 years. Athlete Assessments was founded in the belief that a coach and athlete’s sporting career must be an extraordinary experience they can look back on with love and has taught them lessons to use in the next chapter of their lives. This is not separate to winning, but at the heart of it. This philosophy achieves success during their sporting career, and long after. These same foundations have been built on with Talisman People to support and drive lasting and consistent success in business.


Having worked in elite sport, we are accustomed to the highly measured and results focused outcomes. Whether it’s a race or the scoreboard, the outcome is always clear. Through this comes the understanding of the amount of effort that is required to achieve successful, sustainable, and consistent results and that numerous elements contribute to this, hence the concept of requiring a systems based approach, where everything is connected. We believe the most critical component of any high performance system are the people.

The Talisman People Programs specialise in helping their clients create and sustain winning results. We do this by providing a range of performance tools and initiatives including specific DISC behavioural profiling, performance reviews, coach specific development programs, and our trade marked version of mental skills, called Athlete Tough. Each of our solutions are woven into the fabric of an organisation’s existing system, strengthening and delivering better results. 


At the heart of Talisman People is a desire to drive your teams towards their 'World Cup Winning' moment and create a legacy of shared success.