The Challenge

The need to continually optimise productivity and improve safety in the mining industry necessitates the smart application of information technology and systems. Helping make operations more efficient and effective in an increasingly complex regulatory environment.

Our Solution

Successful digital transformation requires integrated, agile solutions to help manage operations more effectively and make informed and timely decisions.

ProdMate® is a fully integrated digital production management system. Mines use ProdMate® to manage, control and optimise operations using a suite of 4 modules covering planning, shift work instructions and reporting, production process analysis using machine data, plus management of accountability, communication and compliance through MOS meetings.

ProdMate® implementation

ProdMate® can be implemented as a complete integrated system or alternatively each module can be implemented and used individually, as a scalable solution.

ProdMate® can be interfaced with other EMS and data sources to streamline workflow and reduce administrative overheads, providing an effective paperless operational management system. 

Mines who have implemented ProdMate have achieved rapid and sustained increase in production of up to 40% within 6 months and typically in excess of 10%. Using world leading data analytics and integrating digital and manually-captured information, helps drive production optimisation and continuous improvement.

ProdMate® enables well-coordinated plans with realistic and achievable work plans and production targets to be prepared and communicated at each shift. Progress can be compared to plan and short interval production KPIs in real-time during the shift and are automatically updated into the planning system before the next shift.

All mines use meetings within a management operating system (MOS) to manage, control and track accountability. This requires the plans, status, issues actions and production KPIs to be discussed during meetings and accountability for tasks and results to be discussed. The ProdMate Meeting Manager module is a digital meeting system which automatically links planned and actual information to meeting agendas or minutes and a searchable, chronological, digital database of all issues, actions and communications. This makes statutory compliance and accountability simple and easier to manage.

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