The Challenge

Short term control of complex projects against plan can be difficult to manage. Planning workflow and resources usage vs planned are critical to keeping projects on track and on budget.

Our Solution

Good, short term planning of work, combined with real-time reporting and integrated into project meetings can significantly improve the effectiveness and efficiency of project management.

Short interval control of job progress, materials and resources-burn against progress can help manage on time delivery and prevent cost overruns.

ProdMate® implementation

ProdMate is a fully integrated digital project workflow management system to manage, control and optimise operations, using a suite of 4 modules. These cover planning, shift work instructions and reporting, process analysis using machine data plus management of accountability, communication and compliance through project meetings.

ProdMate can be implemented as a completely integrated system or alternatively, each module can be used individually as a scalable solution.

ProdMate can be interfaced to the master project schedule and other enterprise system data sources to streamline workflow and reduce administrative overheads. It provides an effective paperless operational management system. 

Work planned with task notes are automatically communicated and progress is reported via mobile device software in real-time during the shift. Progress can then be monitored and statuses recorded with photographs and physical measurements. Effective and accurate communication and management of accountability are critical to any well-run project, and meetings play a key role in achieving this.

ProdMate enables well-coordinated plans with realistic and achievable work plans and  targets to be prepared and communicated at each shift. Progress can be compared to plan, while short interval KPIs reported in real-time during the shift are automatically updated into the planning system before the next shift.

The ProdMate Meeting Manager module is a digital meeting system which automatically links planned and actual information to meeting agendas or minutes and a searchable, chronological, digital database of all issues, actions and communications. This makes statutory compliance and accountability simple and easier to manage.

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