The Challenge

To be a successful business, commercial farms need to maximise productivity and manage costs, all with the available people and resources.

Our Solution

Optimising farm operations and production activities increases income and reduces costs.

A well-coordinated weekly plan that is easily and quickly adapted on a day-by-day basis helps manage work tasks, resource utilisation and production activities.

The planned tasks and production can easily be downloaded to mobile device applications and task completion, inspections, inventory, problems and production can be recorded digitally on the device and downloaded when there is mobile data or a Wi-Fi connection

Short interval control of job progress, materials and resources-burn against progress can help manage on time delivery and prevent cost overruns.

ProdMate® implementation

ProdMate is a simple and easy-to-use farm management system application utilised to record and manage information for improved monitoring and analysis of farm activities and streamlined production and work schedules.

Cattle management inspection, record keeping, and analysis enables optimal herd management to achieve the best condition, herd genetics and reproductive fertility to be managed and analysed.

Effective and accurate communication and management of accountability are critical to any well-run farming operation. Meetings play a key role in achieving this.

The ProdMate® Meeting Manager module is a digital meeting system. It automatically links planned and actual work tasks and production to meeting agendas or minutes and a searchable, chronological, digital database of all issues, actions and communications. This makes communication and accountability simple and easier to manage.

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